Would you buy a new or used car directly over the internet?

When buying a vehicle, such as a new or used Ford car for example, many people put in long hours of research on the internet. Understandably, buyers want to find out everything about their potential new set of wheels before purchasing, and the internet is the best place to do this essential research. But would you buy your new car directly online?

A new study from market research company GfK Automotive has found that around a third (31 per cent) of UK people aged 35 and under would buy a new car directly over the internet. 28 per cent of those over the age of 35 would do the same, suggesting that many buyers think they can find out all they need to know about a particular car online, without having to visit a dealership.

However, the traditional car dealership is far from dead, as many new car buyers still need to actually see the car they are going to purchase in the flesh ahead of parting with their hard-earned cash. GfK Automotive’s divisional director Damian Long explained:

“People now come to view a car model for reassurance and for a test drive – rather than to be sold to.”