New Ford S-Max concept car unveiled

In the run-up to the Frankfurt Auto Show 2013, Ford has revealed the details of its brand new S-Max concept car.

The new S-Max concept model is just one of a number of innovative new concepts, tech and models that the auto manufacturer is planning to unveil at the event, which is the 65th annual event of its kind. This year, the Auto Show is being held between 10th and 22nd September.

The new model has a raft of unusual new features, including an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor in the driver’s seat which tracks and logs patterns in heart rates. As well as recording this information and picking up on any serious or acute heart problems, the system can also trigger active safety systems within the car and even send out a call for emergency medical help.

An additional health monitor system in the S-Max concept include a blood sugar and glucose monitor, which works using external devices connected to the car through the Ford SYNC platform.

More standard features in the new Ford S-Max concept include car-to-car communications, a dual-view display and Active Park Assist, which can provide semi-autonomous parallel and reverse parking.