Ford the most bought car brand in Google poll

In a new poll carried out by the search giant Google has revealed that Ford was the most bought car brand last year. Both new and used Ford cars topped the Google poll, the results of which were published in the company’s annual gearshift report.

The report, which was released to coincide with the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, also revealed that the vast majority of car buyers turn to the internet to research cars they plan to buy and cement their purchase decisions. A total of 85 per cent of those included in the survey looked online before deciding to buy a particular model. The survey also showed that:

• 70 per cent use search engines to find information and reviews about cars
• Buyers of new cars watch twice as many online videos from car brands than used car buyers
• One in five car buyers use their smartphone to research new and used cars when visiting a seller or dealer

However, the poll also revealed that 88 per cent of new car buyers rely on offline resources such as a visit to car showrooms in order to make purchase decisions.

Commenting on the survey results and offering some advice for car sellers and dealers, a spokesperson for Google said:

“It is becoming increasingly important for companies to reach consumers across devices and offer them advertising that matches their context: their location, the time of day and the device they are using.”