Ford MyKey technology aimed at concerned parents

Ford has announced that it is working on an innovative new car key technology for Ford cars that is particularly aimed at worried parents and young drivers, as it limits the amount the car is able to do.

The Ford MyKey, which is soon to be rolled out to Ford cars in selected countries, offers features such as limiting:

• The speed the car can go
• The maximum volume on the stereo
• The radio – which won’t turn on until all seatbelts are fastened
• The stability control – which cannot be disconnected

The technology also enables the car to have a longer range warning light for low fuel levels, to make it less likely that the driver will run out of fuel, and to emit a warning sound when higher speeds of between 70km/h and 140km/h have been hit.

Explaining the benefits of the Ford MyKey, which works by recognising different car keys and adjusting the settings of the car accordingly, Ford’s executive vice president of global marketing, sales and service, Jim Farley, said:

“MyKey provides some direct parental control over their car. It allows owners to set sensible restrictions for young drivers and delivers peace-of-mind for parents.”