Ford develops first fully electric model for UK

Over the last few years, Ford has developed a number of hybrid vehicles aimed at eco-friendly motorists in both the UK and U.S. markets. However, the auto manufacturer has now come up with its first fully electric model for the UK market.

The Ford Focus Electric will only be offered in a limited run initially, and it will be relatively pricier than most new Ford cars. However, in return, those buying the Focus Electric will get a fully electric vehicle with a power output of 142PS (PS being the equivalent of horsepower), a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 85mph.

The electric model is powered by a lithium-ion battery powertrain and electric motor and features some pretty impressive technology inside as well. For example, the Focus Electric has Smartgauge, a system which encourages eco-friendly and efficient driving as well as helping you to keep tabs on energy use and approximately how much driving time you have before you need to charge up. It also uses thermal management technology to regulate batter temperature, which has the benefit of making the battery last much longer and extending driving time between charge-ups.