Essential info about the Ford SYNC system

Ford SYNC, for those who still don’t know about it, is the innovative in-car infotainment system from Ford. It is designed to integrate everything from satellite navigation, internet and apps to communication and entertainment all in one dashboard-fitted, voice activated system.

Which cars have Ford SYNC?

Ford SYNC is available in a huge range of new and relatively recent used Ford cars in America, but it is also available in the following Ford cars in the UK:

• Ford C-Max 2012
• Ford B-Max 2012
• Ford Focus 2012
• Ford Fiesta 2013
• Ford Kuga 2013

As you can see, many of the Ford cars fitted with the SYNC system are family cars, demonstrating that the technology is designed to make driving easier and more enjoyable for families as well as for tech fans and high-flying business travellers.

Will Ford SYNC prove a distraction when driving?

The Ford SYNC system is designed to integrate into the car and driving experience without proving a distraction. Many applications are hands-free and voice-activated, and any visual entertainment elements are designed for passengers rather than drivers. Overall, Ford SYNC aims to be user-friendly and a key part of the driving experience.