Ford Fiesta 1.0 named Womens’ World Car of the Year

After wowing a panel of judges, the Ford Fiesta 1.0 litre Ecoboost has been named the Womens’ World Car of the Year for 2013 in Australia. Ford’s littlest Fiesta was not only named the supreme winner for 2013, but it also came top in the economy car category, edging out many of its big brand … Continued

Fuel efficient driving tips from the SMMT

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has embarked on a new campaign to help UK drivers save money by improving the fuel efficiency of their driving. By adjusting driving habits, drivers of Ford cars and other vehicles can save up to £6.8 billion a year on fuel costs without compromising on time or … Continued

Ford pledges commitment to electric and hybrid cars

The CEO of the Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, has pledged the auto maker’s continuing commitment to electric and hybrid technologies at a recent presentation. In the opening presentation at the Further with Ford conference, Mr Mulally was speaking about Ford’s plans for the future when he explained that the company is dedicated not only … Continued

4 reasons why the Ford Galaxy is the perfect family car

Finding the perfect family car that has all the space and all the features you’re looking for can be really tricky. Luckily, car manufacturers like Ford have been working really hard over the last few years to meet the many needs of families and come up with the ideal family vehicle. The fruit of all … Continued

Ford develops innovative ‘Electronic Brake Light’ system

Ford, already known for its innovation, has developed a sophisticated new brake warning light system that will allow users to know when drivers two cars in front of them have applied their brakes. In effect, the system allows drivers to ‘see through’ the car in front of them. The Electronic Brake Light technology works using … Continued

First zero emissions Ford Focus rolls off the European production line

Ford has announced this month that the very first European electric Ford Focus car capable of producing zero emissions has rolled off its production line in Germany. The Electric Focus, with its advanced electric motor and lithium-ion battery powertrain, has been designed with the ultra-low emissions vehicle market in mind. It has a 100 mile … Continued

Ford to reinvent the MyFord Touch system

Auto maker Ford has announced that for future new Ford cars, it will be developing a reinvented and more user-friendly version of its pioneering MyFord Touch system. First launched in 2010 and often described as the next generation of the Ford Sync system, MyFord Touch has been a key feature in a number of popular … Continued

Could self-driving Ford cars be closer than we think?

Whilst some cars, particularly in the U.S., have cruise control features to make life easier on drivers, the concept of a fully self-driving car seems a long way off. But is it? The leading auto manufacturer Ford has apparently been working on a range of cars that are driven entirely by robots. The Ford cars … Continued

Chancellor urged to back UK car industry

The UK car industry has urged Chancellor George Osborne to provide the sector with much-needed financial support in its next round of spending. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which speaks on behalf of a range of auto manufacturers including Ford cars, has put in a submission to the Treasury which asks the … Continued