Ford the most bought car brand in Google poll

In a new poll carried out by the search giant Google has revealed that Ford was the most bought car brand last year. Both new and used Ford cars topped the Google poll, the results of which were published in the company’s annual gearshift report. The report, which was released to coincide with the Frankfurt … Continued

Essential info about the Ford SYNC system

Ford SYNC, for those who still don’t know about it, is the innovative in-car infotainment system from Ford. It is designed to integrate everything from satellite navigation, internet and apps to communication and entertainment all in one dashboard-fitted, voice activated system. Which cars have Ford SYNC? Ford SYNC is available in a huge range of … Continued

Ford cars sale increase of 38pc ahead of market

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the sales figures for Ford cars were up by a massive 38.2 per cent in July 2013. This is far ahead of the car sales market in the UK as a whole. Other figures released by the SMMT for July included the … Continued

Ford pledges commitment to electric and hybrid cars

The CEO of the Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, has pledged the auto maker’s continuing commitment to electric and hybrid technologies at a recent presentation. In the opening presentation at the Further with Ford conference, Mr Mulally was speaking about Ford’s plans for the future when he explained that the company is dedicated not only … Continued

Could self-driving Ford cars be closer than we think?

Whilst some cars, particularly in the U.S., have cruise control features to make life easier on drivers, the concept of a fully self-driving car seems a long way off. But is it? The leading auto manufacturer Ford has apparently been working on a range of cars that are driven entirely by robots. The Ford cars … Continued

Ford steps up North American production to meet demand

Ford has revealed that this year, it will be stepping up production at its manufacturing plants in North America in order to meet growing demand for Ford cars and to increase its share in the U.S. market. Ford Cars, believed to be the second-largest automaker in the U.S. usually shuts down its Detroit plants for … Continued

British car manufacturing rises as domestic demand grows

According to the latest figures, car manufacturing in the UK in April rose by an incredible 17 per cent. This rise is believed to have been driven by a jump in demand for British-made cars in the UK. Last month, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that more than 100,000 cars, including … Continued

Rear view cameras a ‘must have’ for Ford car buyers

A new survey has found that one of the things that most drivers are looking for when buying new Ford cars is a rear view camera. The research, carried out by world-leading market research company TNS, involved asking Ford car owners from all over the UK what features they were looking for when adding … Continued

Buying a used car? Here’s what you need to know

Hundreds of thousands of people every year buy used cars, believing that going second-hand is the cheapest and easiest option available. There is also a lot of choice available when you buy used cars. Buying used cars, and used Ford cars in particular, also helps car owners to avoid the financial hit of depreciation, where … Continued

The Ford S-Max family car – at a glance

If your family has grown since you bought your last car and you need to upgrade to a more family-friendly vehicle, the ideal choice is the Ford S-Max. For those considering buying a new or used Ford S-Max, here are the vital specifications and features you need to know: Kinetic Design styling When it was … Continued